Kiev apartments for rent long term

S1 Properties offers to landlords of both apartments for rent and houses for rent in the Kiev professional assistance to promote your property on the rental market and attract potential clients with the aim to rent it out for a long term period to a reliable expat.

The current situation on the rental market can be best described as follows:

  • decreasing rental prices
  • less expats coming to Kiev
  • large number of available properties for rent

 In this regard, the Kiev real estate market, which previously could be described as "landlord’s market" is now characterized as "tenant’s market". Today Landlords find it far more difficult renting out their properties without the support of specialists like S1 properties

For landlords, S1 Properties offers:

  • Personal consultation by our broker about current situation on Kiev real estate market
  • How to improve chances for renting out your property (to increase the flexibility)
  • We appoint a dedicated broker responsible for the progress, updates and periodic report to the landlord
  • We will improve the presentation of your properties for rent
  • We will actively market your apartments Kiev / house for rent in Kiev to our partners and through the Internet
  • We will offer your property to our foreigner clients
  • We are a company with over 10 years experience in professional renting out to the majority of clients from the international expat community in Kiev
  • to pay for services only in case of renting out your properties for rent


Cost of services

In case our agency will rent out your property we will charge you from 25% to max 50% of one month rent (listed in the lease agreement).

Let us assist you in renting out your property!

Please contact us at: 

(044) 278 22 51

(044) 272 29 05